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Moving to Bali | Full guide I wish to know before living in Bali

Posted by Cuan Bali Land on May 8, 2024

Living in new country with diffrent culture, weather its sometime gave you headace.We try to covers all that you need to be familiar with living in Bali, including how to get visa, weather,culture, area of living & application that make you life is more easier.

Climate in Bali
Bali encounters two seasons – the dry season, which endures from April to October, and the rain season, which endures from November to March. The temperature in Bali stays warm usualy around 29-32 C on dry season.

During the rain season in Bali , it may not be rain consistently over the the day, always check the weather forecast before planning go outside. Going on outdoor activities, is not convinience during rain season.


Bali is a provinces in Indonesia. Rupiah is the name of the currency of Indonesia, Just like many other currencies, Indonesian currency is in the form of bills and coins. There are eleven denominations of Indonesian money at this moment (2024), seven for the bills, and four for the coins. Firstly, Indonesian currency bills consist of Rp1,000, Rp2,000, Rp5,000, Rp10,000, Rp20,000, Rp50,000, and Rp100,000. Then, the currency’s coins are Rp100, Rp200, Rp500, and Rp1,000. When this article made US$1 is equal Rp. 16,257.


If you ask the budget of accomodation in Bali, the answer will gave you a big range of price. It’s depend on the living style you want to have in Bali, from Bali kost, apartment, local house, villa or cliff house plane its available in Bali.

how to find one ?

  • Airbnb is one of many site to start your search on properties, they gave monthly option stay. What is good about Airbnb is that most places price is include cleaning, power, gas, water, and wifi bill, But the con is the price is not the best on the market.
  • Facebook groups, for example,there so many groups that posting accomodation availaible, from monthly, yearly or long leased properties. But be caution in recent years so many scammers pretend to be an agent or property owner, they works aiming for deposit. So Never do wire transfer upront, it’s always wise to come to the property first, so the first week you stay in bali, its better to stay in hotel, while you checking all the properties you already list and contact.
  • The most convinience one is through Bali trusted property agent , if you looking for house or villa, a lot of them is not listed online due to high demand, so the empty room is very rare to empty. So rather then listing and get call all the time , its more easy for the property owner to assign the task to agent. One of reccomended agent you can contact Cuan Bali land, specialist in south area of Bali from canggu, uluwatu,pecatu,jimbaran and other southern area.

Lease is always paid upronts, some owner will add some deposit to prevent the damage. Cash or transfer is required before your stay.

The primary general store for expat is Pepito and they have these everyehere in Bali. But Pepito isn’t the cheapest one because a lot of product is imported, if you looking the one local go is Indomart or alfamart. If you like to buy monthly groceriries in bigger quantity, you can go to wholesale store like Lottemart in Denpasar area.

If you want a healthy live in Bali there is a lot of western, asian, vegan cafe or restaurant with thousand of menu to chose from. Area like canggu and uluwatu is the favorite spot to hangout and explore.


Currently, visitors arriving in Bali can obtain a 30-day visa online (eVOA) prior to arrival at Ngurah Rai International Airport, extendable for an additional 30 days (eVOA 60), after which they must leave Indonesia.

For longer stay you can choose B211A Visa . This visa allows remote work, granting the flexibility to work from locations like co-working hubs, villas, and cafes. It’s particularly favorable for digital nomads as it permits freelancers and remote workers to operate tax-free for up to six months, provided all business and earnings occur outside of Indonesia.

Initially, it permits a 60-day stay in Bali, that can be extended twice for an additional 60 days each time, totalling 180 days (60days x 3 times). After 180 days, leaving Indonesia and reapplying for a new visa is necessary. Typically, this involves taking a short trip to nearby countries such as Singapore, Malaysia, Australia, or perhaps returning to one’s home country.


If you plan living in Bali for over 90 days you should register your telephone’s IMEI number either at the airport or local customs office. Inability to do this will make your phone doesn’t work.

There are many cellular service providers in Indonesia. To help you find one that suits your need, we have compiled a list of the best cellular service providers in Indonesia:

  1. Telkomsel
    First, we have Telkomsel, the largest provider in Indonesia. Telkomsel has continuously invested in Base Transceiver Stations (BTS) throughout Indonesia, resulting in more coverage. In fact, Telkomsel has the most coverage and is the only mobile service provider operating in every province. Even if you’re in a remote area, you’re likely to still have a signal. However, Telkomsel charges the most among its rivals, given its superior area coverage, quick internet, and crystal-clear phone quality.
  2. Indosat
    IM3 Ooredoo, better known as Indosat, is the second-largest provider Indonesia. They have fantastic broadband packages and excellent phone call quality. Every network provides a fast internet connection as well. Their service covers the major Indonesian islands of Java, Bali, Kalimantan, Sulawesi, and Sumatra. You can easily buy prepaid SIM cards from authorized retailers, reputable resellers, or convenience stores.
  3. 3 (Tri)
    Next, we have 3 (Tri). As a provider Indonesia, 3 offers the second lowest prices compared to its big rivals. Sadly, they have the least amount of coverage. However, you can still count on them thanks to their good signal. 3 has some fantastic promotions despite their low prices. You can enjoy a longer validity period when most data plans expire after 30 days. Furthermore, if you haven’t used up all the data for this month, it will be rolled over to the next month.
  4. XL
    The third-largest mobile service provider in Indonesia is XL Axiata, which covers about 90% of Java, Bali, and Lombok. Some cities in Sumatra, Kalimantan, and Sulawesi are also covered. Unfortunately, it only covers a very small area of Papua. XL’s connection speed is relatively fast. They even offer faster 3G service than Telkomsel. You can buy prepaid SIM cards from authorized retailers, authorized resellers, and convenience stores with varying credit levels.
  5. Smartfren
    The smallest and cheapest mobile service provider Indonesia is Smartfren. It was previously a CDMA mobile provider, but has since switched to a GSM 4G/LTE network. Today, Smartfren is a 4G/LTE-only mobile operator because it lacks a 2G or 3G network. Consequently, Smartfren has the least coverage since it’s a 4G/LTE mobile operator without a 2G or 3G fallback. However, you can receive service if you live in major cities.

If you are e-sims user, in Bali is available, but its not common to buy. e-sim can be purchase on official office of the provider. But the easiest option is you can purchase in the international arrival inside the airport, so you wont waste time later on. Avoid buying simcard near airport, please read the official provider website for pricing before you buy outside.

There is no public transportation in Bali. The vast majority living in Bali get around by bike. You can rent a bike for around $5 – 10 per day or $60 – 150 per month depend on your choice of the bike. If you decide to took a car, you can rent daily around $20 – $50 per day or $250 – 500 per month and you can track down any spots in bali. However you will need an international driving license to do so.

In the event that you decide not to ride a bike ,the least expensive choice is Go-Jek & grab a ride sharing application that you can download on app store. There are taxis in Bali however they are more costly. In case you want a taxi took Blue Bird taxis just as they are metered.

A few spots in Bali will not permit get through Go-Jek & Grab, particularly at the famous holiday destinations. What we do is walk to some place close by that Go-Jek can get us from and afterward get Go-Jek until the end of the way. It was a lot less expensive doing it.

Drinking tap water in Bali is not recommended. The least expensive method for buying drinking water is to purchase 19L water containers for about $2.50 – $3.00. You can buy in any nearby supermarket, you can purchase the refill water with lower cost later on. Sparkling water also available in bali, but with smaller size bottle.

Medical & Insurance
When you’re living in Bali though, either by yourself or with your family, not having any coverage can be quite dangerous and even downright foolish. While we would all like to believe nothing bad will ever happen to us, and we would certainly hope that’s the case, it’s always wise to be prepared for anything.

The Indonesian government operates a national health insurance scheme, known as BPJS Kesehatan, aimed at providing affordable healthcare to its citizens and residents, including expatriates who are formally employed in Indonesia.

Expatriates living in Bali are eligible to join the BPJS Kesehatan scheme, provided they have the necessary legal documentation to work and reside in Indonesia. Joining the national health insurance scheme is a practical move for accessing public healthcare services at a lower cost. Nonetheless, many expats opt for additional private health insurance to cover services not included in the public system.

Beside BPJS you will also have options to Bali’s private healthcare, there is a lot of international brand that available in Bali like Prudential, Allianz, Manulife and etc.

About Bali Hospital quality, Bali is poised to compete with the likes of Singapore, Japan, Canada, Dubai, Costa Rica, Israel, and Abu Dhabi when it comes to medical tourism. The expansion is already underway. A new world-class medical facility is under construction in the resort town of Sanur, named the Bali International Hospital.

Any restaurants, hotel or shops will ordinarily have card machines however checking in advance is great. Visa & Mastercard Debit/ Credit card will works just fine. Always bring a little bit cash will helpful.

Be cautious while taking out cash at ATMs. Many cards have been skimmed in Bali. Check to ensure the region you place your card in is solidly fixed and has not been messed with.

Usefull application on Android / IOS

WhatsAppThe local people and organizations primarily use WhatsApp for correspondence
Go-jekYou can use this for payment, ride sharing & ordering food, very convinience.
Google MapsDownload offline maps inside google maps is necessary, specially if you plan to visit a village area around Bali.
TravelokaLocal app to booking hotel, flight, train ticket all across Indonesia
WiseInternational wire transfer
IndodaxThe only crypto exhange that have office in Bali, located in seminyak area.

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